Monday, July 12, 2010

oh my god, I havent been on here in forever. I mean to update at the end of every week when ashley was here but that didn't happen. It really sucks that shes gone D: I have been super lonely. Everything went back to the way it always was when she was here, I practically lived at her house the whole time. we hung out and did stupid crap, watched stupid movies and made cookies and I got to meet her boyfriend Boyse the first week he was here, and I approoove xD we had waterballoon fights and tanned in her backyard, took awesome pictures together, went to the movies a couple's what I was looking forward to all summer *sob* other than that I've been looking for a job ever since she left, because apparntly while ashley was here chris and mom think I should have been job hunting the whole time, cause I "fucked around w/ her for 4 weeks" i'm so over living with them. chris fucking pisses me off so much just looking at him sitting on the couch all week eating chips and watching netflix movies instead of working makes me want to punch him in the face.


  1. they're such dicks. And I didnt even really tan that much D: I tanned more on my arms during a stupid ass yard sale than lying in a bikini in the sun xDDD

  2. xDDDD I know, I've gotten tanner since you left. but I know I'm going to the beach at least once this summer, so I plan on completing my tan then