Sunday, February 28, 2010


soo back to classes tomorrow ;o;

had an okay weekend, good thing is my knee isn't actually fractured :D but my nose is, hurts to sneeze. after this week everything should calm down homework wise for a little while, thank god.

I'll write more tomorrow, gonna go watch chopped for now

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so tonight was so freaking awful. I had been running around today not paying attention to how much I ate or drank so while I was in line getting food, I suddenly got really dizzy and I knew too late that I was waaay dehydrated. I woke up on the floor to people staring out at because I had blacked out and fainted. and my friend told me I had smashed my face off a metal racket thingy while i was falling and bashed my head off the floor, explaining my neck pain. but noo they wouldnt let me leave and had to have EMTs look at me, and they decided I was going to need to go the hospital, put my neck in a brace, stabbed me to a board and wheeled me into the ambulance. at the hospital I had needles repeatedly shoved in my arms and hands, got an xray to tell me I fractured my knee thats now in a brace and fractured my nose and have a large bump on my forehead. all because I didn't drink and eat right today. oh and I have a bladder infection as well.


I have waaaay to much to think about, to many things to get done all at once. two 10 papers, a music video, 2ppts, counltess statistics and psychology exams, life in general. ugh I feel like i'm stuck in a deep hole and can't get out. And it's only been two days since vacation ended, and I have eight more weeks until my next vacation.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


my vacation is over!!!!!! I want it back!!

So I haven't been on much of anything besides gaia, which is why I haven't updated the past few days, and I stopped checking FB all the time and stopped playing Farmville and all those games. I was growing bored of them anyways. I'm not looking forward to the shitload of work coming my way, but, I must get through it!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The past few days have been good. The other day while doing nothing I told Chris that it was either time to get a new fish or get rid of the bowl, cause it was making me sad every time I looked at mr.jangles old bowl (he died a week or so ago.) So we went out to the pet store down the road, but when we got there all his fish were gone cause he might have to close down from no business, and the pot bellied pigs were gone too.Yesterday was a homework day. I spent over an hour doing stats homework. But after I was done we went out to walmart because earlier that morning while chris was getting a drink the glass cup broke, then when he was washing dishes the ceramic bowl got to hott and that cracked, But t least we got out of the room for a little while. I think if I can convince him to go, we might head down to mom's for awhile and visit and maybe have supper with them...I wish gas wasn't so expensive and we weren't so tight on money, if we weren't going to see them wouldn't be a problem. but because we are I never ask to go that far to see them.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Daaaaay!!

Today has been great :D i'm so happy that the whole day has been nothing but fun and relaxing and just awesome!! Chris got me a big stuffed lion I named Christian and a box of Ghiradelli chocolates, my favorite!!! we made supper together for the first time, it was really sweet and romantic. but whilst in the middle of cooking, our "stalkers" showed up. seriously, we see these people everywhere!! at every fucking meal we go to, anywhere on campus it creeps us out soo much. oh well, today couldn't have gone any better than it did. were going to walmart after family guy to run around and be stupid!! to bad i'll have to start doing my shit ton of homework tomorrow, oh well!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank God

oh my this week is going by sooooo slow, thank goodness its almost over with. then it's vacation tiiime!! the only thing thats gonna suck about this vacation, is when its over, I'm going to have so much fucking work to do and I'm nervous that i'll crack under all the pressure and the work load will be to much.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

important peeps ;o

I was thinking the other day about all the people who have made a special impact on me, either good or bad. so i decided to write the list down on here!!

Ashley C. OMG do I miss you buddy! when you left it felt like my other half was moving with you. Your the only true friend i have had in a really long time, or at least the only one that still manages to try and stay in touch. You are so freaking amazing and you made my life so much more interesting than it was before I met you. I love all the times we just lazed around your house being complete idiots and it was more fun than going out and doing crap m ost of the time. I miss going to the park and swinging on the swings and running from "master" and making stupid videos of us running around all over town. if you don't come to visit me this summer i'm gonna kick your assss, and I'm so happy that you finally found someone who loves you and is good to you, you deserve it babeh ;o

Hillary H. I really wish we hadn't drifted apart in high school like we did. You were my first real best friend I had since moving up here, and i was so glad for that. you are soooo fucking crazy but thats why I love you. I still remember the night you and another friend slept over and you were afraid to go to sleep cause you thought the lava lamp was going to set the house on fire xD and when we kept her up all night talking about star wars and titanic, when I practically lived at your house like every single day because I felt like I was part of your family. holy crap now that I think about it that was like back in 6th grade!! I miss you and I hope someday we can hang out like we used to, You'll never know how much it saddens me that we aren't close anymore....

Chris B. God I don't think you know how much I really do love you. I say it to you every single day, but its still not enough to express it. Jesus have we been through some hard times this past year or so. so many times had I thought I was going to lose you, but you stood by me and promised nothing was going to break us apart, no matter how much others wanted us to. I know I can be the most stubborn headed, a big pain in the ass, grumpy for no reason, have a bad temper, and still you don't leave. I don't know how or why you put up with it but I can't thank you enough for loving me like you do. it's been almost two years now and I hope years from now we can be the cranky but cute old couple you hardly see anymore.

Nate P. You, are the biggest asshole ever. and the only thing I am thanking you for is you taught me that even if a guy is your friend, and seems like the nicest guy who would never hurt someone he is close to, he can be a cold hearted piece of shit that no one trusts. so thanks for that.

Mr. Barnes. My class was the first class you ever taught, and I think we both learned a lot from each other. you were one of the best teachers I probably ever will have. you were so kind, sweet, helpful, and even brought your cat princess in to play with. you came out to my class, and because of the beautiful person you are, I think thats what made me accept gay people for who they truly are. I won't ever forget you and I certainly hope you don't forget me as the years go by.

Dani L. I'm pretty because of you I was able to get through this past summer without ripping my hair out!! taking a 14 week college course in 6 weeks wasn't easy, at all. But because pf your help and all around awesomeness I was able to make it and get my 4 college credits. I love your personality and You are an amazing women whom I won;t ever forget.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

so far

This week has been going 92658435 times better than last week was going, I don't care if it's only Tuesday, i'm just glad this week is sucking balls like last week xD then after this one is over, ITS VACATION TIME!!

I haven't had much time to draw much since last semester ended, hopefully I can find some time over vacation to relax and draw/ work on my characters :D

Time to go back to homework >.> for now, off to Walmart with my baby when he's done work

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First blog!!


I think having a blog will help become less stressed because I can vent on here about certain things and people without ever bugging anybody!! and maybe I'll make some friends on here too!!

Thats all I have for now :3