Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The past few days have been good. The other day while doing nothing I told Chris that it was either time to get a new fish or get rid of the bowl, cause it was making me sad every time I looked at mr.jangles old bowl (he died a week or so ago.) So we went out to the pet store down the road, but when we got there all his fish were gone cause he might have to close down from no business, and the pot bellied pigs were gone too.Yesterday was a homework day. I spent over an hour doing stats homework. But after I was done we went out to walmart because earlier that morning while chris was getting a drink the glass cup broke, then when he was washing dishes the ceramic bowl got to hott and that cracked, But t least we got out of the room for a little while. I think if I can convince him to go, we might head down to mom's for awhile and visit and maybe have supper with them...I wish gas wasn't so expensive and we weren't so tight on money, if we weren't going to see them wouldn't be a problem. but because we are I never ask to go that far to see them.

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