Tuesday, February 23, 2010


so tonight was so freaking awful. I had been running around today not paying attention to how much I ate or drank so while I was in line getting food, I suddenly got really dizzy and I knew too late that I was waaay dehydrated. I woke up on the floor to people staring out at because I had blacked out and fainted. and my friend told me I had smashed my face off a metal racket thingy while i was falling and bashed my head off the floor, explaining my neck pain. but noo they wouldnt let me leave and had to have EMTs look at me, and they decided I was going to need to go the hospital, put my neck in a brace, stabbed me to a board and wheeled me into the ambulance. at the hospital I had needles repeatedly shoved in my arms and hands, got an xray to tell me I fractured my knee thats now in a brace and fractured my nose and have a large bump on my forehead. all because I didn't drink and eat right today. oh and I have a bladder infection as well.


  1. Meant strapped to a board, not stabbed xD

  2. didnt you just get rid of that bladder infection?

    I've never passed out before, but came close last week D:

    SOrry buddy D: that sucks ass

    Is it because you were so busy with all your school crap that you forgot to eat and drink? D:

  3. xDDDD were they scared you would turn into a zombie, so they had to secure you to the stretcher with knives? xDDD

  4. hahaha I was reading it over again when I realized what I typed xD I feel like a zombie while I walk now...maybe I ma one 0.o