Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School has been crazy D: I never have time to sit down and write on here cause i'm always thinking of other things, my brain needs a break.I love my intro to disabilities class so far, its very interesting oh! and I get to be in a wheelchair next week for 48 hours D: AND the teacher for that class is soo cute, he's my advisor now ;D i'm waiting for Chris to get out of class so i'm sitting in the science building hallway and i can smell the chemicals coming from lab....which i had to sit through earlier. you know those videos they show in movies like in classrooms that put you to sleep?(confusing sentence) yeah i had to sit through one of those in lab talking about cells >=0 not fun. I just got out of art class which I would have enjoyed more of I wasn't tired/crampy/starving, at least i'm done for the day. Gonna head back to the room, shower, eat, and snuggles :3

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