Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So Ashley doesn't kill me xD

This week would have been a good one if I hadn't started it by failing miserably on the math test. I felt so fucking dumb sitting there staring at it for 60 minutes, wishing my brain for fucking once would remember math shit >.> ugh just frustrates me to no end. the only reason i'm taking the freaking course is cause it's a stupid gen ed requirement. If its not required to be in my major I shouldn't have to take, i'm going to horrible, barley pass the class and have my GPA go down because of it and get less scholarships. I plan on getting up early tomorrow and going to the help center to talk about getting a tutor, who can hopefully help me.

Ok onto something else. I hope I don't tweak out when i present in english on friday. I do fine when I'm I have other people standing up there with me but by myself I get super nervous and talk to fast and skip over crap. which is why I have videos to show to eat up some time, I don't care if its shorter than everyone elses, as long as I can stay calm and keep myself from passing out D: I really don't want to do that again already, people around campus will think i'm a freak, the girl who is always passing out.

I have to start working on my science paper, which shouldn't be to bad, its basically writing 5-10 pages worth of facts that someone else already came up with. but I have to start thinking about putting together my music video for english and the 10 pages paper we have to write, I swear my english teacher is trying to kill meeeeeee......

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