Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday was really fun, for gym class we went outside and played frisbee which is always fun because the people in my class go insane when we play it, so I just stand there and laugh my ass off at everyone screaming at each other and tackling people xD then english sucked :p enviro sucked, such a boring lecture >=( then I hung out with cassie and danielle all night, we talked w/ boys on chat roulette and walked to rite aid and had some mcd's. Later I went back to my room and I told chris how we had made plans to go party this weekend, me, allison, danielle, cassie, stuart, and his cute friend alex. And he got all jealous about me going and getting drunk with a guy I thought was cute, and I got jealous about him going to Kat's apartment to watch doctor who. So that wasn't fun, and we talked about it after getting upset with each other and straightened things out. and we were lying in bed together and he asked me out again :D so the night turned out to be better than I thought it would be!!

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