Thursday, April 15, 2010


This week has been full of ups and downs, but I have been kind of ok for the most part. I'm so over worrying about school work, I skipped pysch both days this week, I just didn't care :p Chris has been playing hvz this week, so I haven't seen him much, but it's done with tonight and I get to spend time with him tomorrow before I go home :3 I hope I have fun at home, being around stepdad chris is always awkward, but hopefully he will be working for most of it, and the kids won't be around much. I know when I get back it's going to fly by and then I'll be stuck at home for the summer, If I don't get a job this summer I know i'm going to go crazy, cause chris is going to be working a lot so who knows how much i'm going to see him :(


  1. whatever slut. ILL be there. and if boyse doent come with me, i wont see him for a month :<

  2. I know, I'll still miss him though D:
    And I wish boyse would come w/ you, I need to meet him1!!!!